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​After finding somewhere to live, healthcare and health insurance are high priorities. Here are a few of the “must visit” websites, starting with sections on the UK Government main website. Use the link below.


Read the healthcare guidance in the “Living in” guide for the country where you live to ensure you have the right healthcare arrangements for your circumstances. UK Government also states:

​“Travel insurance is not intended for permanent residence abroad. If you live overseas, or you’re planning to move to a different country to live, work or study, you should consider your insurance needs carefully. Local law may require you to have medical insurance, including as part of a visa application.”

For more information, use the NHS link below.

​Private medical insurance for UK expatriates is available as well as insurance from local providers overseas. Check the small print, however boring that might be!

For me, the whole process to get the same Greek health service as the Greeks took 11 months, so stock up with your medication!

For further information, use the link below to go to the UK Government website.​

​​Health Insurance

Brexit has changed where Expats can go to get many products and services they rely on, including insurance cover.

​I first became aware of an insurance issue for expats early in 2021. Living on a Greek Island, my wife and I wanted to visit family in Canada and needed appropriate travel insurance to cover the trip. We could not use UK based insurers as we could not tick the box that states we are UK resident.

​​​Many Expats prefer to deal with someone who speaks good English, and someone born in the UK is the best.

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