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Travel Insurance

Many Expat going back to the UK for a week or two, or even a bit longer, often go without travel insurance. This may be a bit risky, but is the preferred cheap option for many, especially if staying with family or friends.

The main risk is seen as wasted cheap flights, although post-Covid the prices have gone up, especially when you add baggage.

​It’s a completely different scenario for an Expat travelling from their country of residence to any other country in the world.

​Without full travel insurance:​

  • How will you fund necessary treatment and hospital expenses in a foreign country which can mount up very quickly?

  • Who will cover the cost of repatriation if necessary, and would you want to go to your country of residence, or the UK?

  • Heaven forbid, who will pay to transport a coffin?

​These are just a few of the matters you may wish to consider.

A comprehensive list can be seen using this link:


The main insurance problem is that you cannot tick the box on a UK based Insurance proposal website to confirm you live in the UK. So you may have to look at an Insurance provider in your country of residence.


Also, unless you are fluent in the language of your residency, you may still prefer to deal with an Insurer in English.

There are travel insurance products available for Expats. Examples are on this page. If you want to know more follow their links. 

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                  Travel insurance policy examples:

“Home is defined as the UK address where you live permanently.”

“Permanent resident is a person who has had their main home in the UK and has not spent more than six months abroad in the year before buying (or renewing) this policy.”

“Eligibility: You have agreed to the following statement for all insured persons as a condition of your cover. You are:

  • a permanent resident of the UK

  • registered with a Medical Practitioner in the UK

  • travelling from and returning to the UK”



“Q: I live outside the UK; can I get travel insurance from Saga?

  A: Unfortunately, we would not be able to provide you with cover - our     policies only cover UK residents.”



“For your cover to be valid with currently 37 travel insurance providers, make sure that you are:

  • living in the UK (excluding the Channel Islands) and haven’t started your trip yet.

  • registered with a UK doctor and are well enough to travel.

  • not travelling against current Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advice.”



“We won’t pay for any claim unless you’re a permanent resident of the UK.”

                                 [Always check the small print!]

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