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Property Insurance

Where I live, many Greeks regard insurance premiums as an unnecessary expensive, so tend not to take out Buildings and contents cover. Many homes have been inherited, and lots are mortgage free. So they do not feel the same need to insure. Most expats like to cover their property.

As an owner, the choice is yours. But different scenarios can arise for expats which lead to a greater desire to insure.

Your property may need protecting whilst under construction, be a holiday or second home, or be unoccupied for all or part of the year. Sometimes the nature of the cover needed falls outside the normal policy terms.


As a tenant, your contents may not have any cover. And under your rental contract, you may still have to pay the rent even if the property is not habitable because of fire damage or whatever reason. Plus you may have lost some or all of your possessions.

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  • General home & contents

  • non-standard home insurance

  • holiday and second home

  • unoccupied residential property

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