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Legal Advice

  • All the views expressed in this website are general comments and NOT intended to be legal advice.

  • Before you take any action, I strongly recommend you seek the professional advice of a specialist lawyer regularly dealing with the matter[s] you are interested in.

  • All lawyers in private practice carry professional indemnity insurance in case they make a mistake.

  • I no longer have such insurance cover, so am not able to provide professional advice.

  • If you need a Notary, then ask your lawyer as they will know the ones they usually deal with.


English-speaking lawyers abroad

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) provides lists of English-speaking lawyers abroad to help British nationals find the legal support they need.

You can find lawyers by country or a more specific location, and with a particular area of legal expertise. All lawyers on the lists have confirmed to the FCDO that they can provide services in English.

You should always:

  1. Do your own research before deciding which provider to use. Two personal recommendations for the same lawyer are ideal.

  2. Check if any insurance policies you have include legal cover before you contact a lawyer independently. The insurer may want you to use a lawyer from their approved list.

Use this link to enter the name of the country where you want advice, and follow the instructions thereafter:

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Can be tricky to find the right lawyer

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