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Mobile Airtime

Mobile Roaming Charges

​Many Expats retain their UK mobile phones. The phone numbers and contacts details stored are worth the small monthly charges. And roaming charges within the EU were a thing of the past for most mobile operators.

Between 2017 and 31st December 2020 Expats travelling in the EU could use their minutes, texts and data, within reason, free of charge.

​Brexit has changed all of that. Some of the airtime operators have started to charge again. £2 per day for customers travelling in the EU seems to be the standard charge.

​“Fair Use Limits”

​Whether they charge for mobile use abroad or not, Mobile operators don’t expect the usage to be abused. So there are what they describe as “Fair Use Limits”.

​Check your provider’s small print for details. Apparently some UK customers have been told extra charges may apply if they spend more than half their time overseas, which may catch a lot of Expats.

Prior to Brexit, operators rarely enforced this, but post Brexit some have apparently started to enforce. The same applies to data limits as well as calls and texts.


                                 Take care!

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